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iCloud Bypass Activation Tool 1.4

junio 12, 2019

iCloud Bypass Activation Tool 1.4 : new tool that allows you to unlock activation lock of any iOS device, iPhone, iPad, iPod permanent, free download.

This tool comes this month with a new version 1.4 which has many improvements integrated for a better service for users who wish to download it, this software iCloud Bypass Activation will allow us to unlock that device that until today we could not unlock it and tell you that the service it offers is totally free.

Last Setup to Unlock iPhone

iCloud Bypass Activation Tool we can make the most of it with its multiple functions that comes with this version 1.4, among the functions we can find that allows us to change email, delete find my iphone, remove icloud account, among other functions. You can download the free version on any of the online servers that are available at the moment, I remind you that these servers are for a stipulated time, so take advantage and download your free version of iCloud Bypass Activation.

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How does iCloud Bypass Activation Tool 1.4 work?

To remove icloud activation lock with this new tool, the first thing to do is to have the downloaded tool, a Zip file will appear containing the iCloud Bypass Activation software and the IPA file, unzip all the files and place them in a place can get them when loading the IPA file.

We install the software once installed and proceed to run the software to start the unlocking process, then connect the device using a USB cable in DFU mode, done the above we will click on the connect button so that the software recognizes the device to unlock, this immediate will show us a screen with all the features of the device locked. Then proceed to load the IPA file using the Lock button, this will open a window by sending us to a folder which is located the IPA file we click and it is immediately loaded.

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Finally we will click on the Unlock button so that the software starts with the unlocking process. Once the process is finished you will show us a message saying your device has been unlocked, please do not disconnect until it restarts. Once the unlocked device turns on, we will configure it with a new iCloud account, leaving it properly active for a new use.

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Remember that you can unburden the software in any of the online servers that are available at the moment. Remember that this download is completely free for all who wish to access the tool.

Steps to Download and Delete the iCloud Free Activation Lock

Register on the server
Download the Hosts
Connect the iDevice
Press the Button «iCloud unlock»
Wait for restart
Activate As New DEVICE  (Create a new Apple iD)