Free Apple ID and Password – Tool 2019

Free Apple ID and Password
Free Apple ID and Password

Free Apple ID and Password – Tool 2019 : is the FREE software that allows you to easily recovery your lost password from the Apple iTunes account of the popular web browsers this tool was created in order to help more than one user that for lack of use or simplemmete for not achieving remember the password does not have access to your apple idevice.

Last Setup to Unlock iPhone

As all browsers have a password manager function, which saves or stores all login passwords (including Apple iTunes) is why if your iPhone is lock only by managing the correct data such as ID password or is finding the way of bypass lock activation icloud you can mobilize the functions of your iphone and ipad. Each of the browsers uses its own storage format and proprietary encryption mechanism to securely store these login passwords.

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How to use Free Apple ID and Password tool 2019

Free Apple ID and Password tool automatically tracks the iphone, ipad lock and instantly retrieves the ID apple account, or any other passcode that is hosted on your device, creating a backup which will allow you to access all stored Apple iTunes passwords. This tool presents both the interface and the online version in a very simple and easy way, which makes it more useful and simple to use.


1. Download the software to the VPS server

2. Register with the iMei number

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3. Upload the hosts file

4. Put the device in DFU mode.

5. Wait for the dedicated server and the host file to load

6. Establish a new device

Do not disconnect the iphone you are unlocking before the program gives you the order since you only have to wait 10 minutes before the server notifies you that it is completely unlocked at that time is when you must disconnect it and configure it with a new ID account and a new password.