Activation Lock iCloud iPhone 6s – Updated Server


Activation Lock iCloud iPhone 6s – Updated Server :   one day I woke up with my iphone 6s without wanting to turn it on, I took it to a technician to have it checked and I had no fix and it was to be understood since that iphone had a lot of use time so it was time to change it, it’s there where I start looking at iBay for a new iphone with a newer model that was cheaper than buying it from an official Apple store, and I found an iPhone X with a lower economic value than I imagined and without hesitation and much less ask opinion I bought it.

Last Setup to Unlock iPhone

I was very excited when my new idevice arrived and at the moment of turning it on and passing the initial configuration I realized that it was locked by icloud and that it was stuck in activation screen. Since I didn’t want to lose my initial investment, I decided to look for useful alternatives that could help me unlock  icloud locking process.

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What is icloud and how to activate iphone lock in a few minutes

The new mobile idevices bring unique features and in the case of the Apple idevice, they have an operating system called iOS and with the one of the best data and file security platform, called ICLOUD which allows you to make backup copies of your data and host them in the safe places. Without anyone else having access

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In case you are an original owner of an iphone or ipad and forget or do not have the access credentials to your Apple ID, just go to an apple store with your purchase invoice and they will solve the problem.

Now if you bought a used idevice like me, what I recommend is that you use this new free server that is 100% effective and easy to use.

The features of this server are simply wonderful, since in addition to allowing you to remove icloud lock, you can also remove restrictions from global mobile networks, you can recover and delete photos, and the most important thing is that at that time when the unlocking process is complete, the dedicated dedicated server will provide you with a new IMEI number, leaving it as a completely new idevice.

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Steps To Unlock iCloud For Any iPhone

Step 1. Download server and verify that all files are installed correctly and register on the global server,
At the time of registration, you must enter the idevice model and its iMEI number.

Step 2: Once the server is running connect your idevice (iphone, ipad, or ipod touch) and sync it with itune, allowing it to synchronize with apple servers.

Step 3: let the server do its job, you just have to wait a few minutes for the unlocking process to be ready to start, this will show you a message on your PC screen that tells you to start the process, you must click in UNLOCK ICLOUD LOCK Option NOW.

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Step 4: In this process what you have to do is not move or disconnect the idevice until the process is completed successfully, if you have done all these steps to the letter, this process will not take more than 5 minutes.

you must check the availability of the server on this website as well as the idevice models and IOS version supported by this server. on the official links on this website.

I also remind you that this  server is available to be run on linux, windows and mac operating systems.